If you go down to the woods ...

We first saw Sharon’s work through some pictures she had taken of a friend and her family in the woods at Waddesdon Manor. We are a bit camera shy so we’ve never had professional pictures taken with the children. However, the pictures we saw of Sharon’s were so happy and natural that we decided to have some done of our family. Sharon suggested the Bluebell Woods at springtime and that we picnic together before we started the shoot, then play some games to get the children relaxed and playful.

She took the pictures over the course of a couple of hours – nothing was rushed or set up, all we did was play and walk in the woods and Sharon took the pictures all the while without us really noticing. We never felt awkward, nothing was staged, it was just a lovely afternoon with friends in the woods and the pictures she gave us at the end really reflect that. The collection of pictures she gave us have been the source of admiring comments from everyone who comes into our home, and are one of our most treasured possessions.